Hi there! I’m a web developer, and I graduated from the Bachelor of Information Technology scholarship course at UTS in 2016. I like to think about code, listen to a lot of music and occasionally write about programming on this very site. Currently a graduate software engineer at Campaign Monitor, previously full stack developer at Appliances Online, data cruncher and business analyst at American Express. I primarily work in Javascript and C#, but I also dabble in Python and I’m always keen to learn more.


Most of my projects are available on GitHub, if you’d like to check them out. I’m currently spending time playing around with ReactJS and Android native development. Here are some of the more fun ones.


Interactive visualisation of locations mentioned by the NSW government for each day of parliament sitting; includes Hansard snippets and topics for each. A GovHack 2016 project with Matthew Alger.

Name Shaker

Simple proof of concept to show the use of a device accelerometer to provide as an entropy input. In this case, it’s being used to control how eccentric a random name generator should be when picking a random name.


Remind yourself to come back to the hacks you shipped. Built as a Python Flask web app to sit on a Heroku box and watch your repository for patches and hacks you’ll need to fix later. Fun project with Patrick Murray.

Books of 2015

My attempt at reading 52 books in 2015. This is a site to track my progress (inspired by the quantified self movement), built in Jekyll.